Off-site Catering

Capulet offers customizable on and off-site catering for anything you can think of. From small luncheons to a weddings in the city of New Orleans. If you would like to take a look at off-site sample menus or speak to someone about catering an event please email or you can book us through our partner My House Events.


Lunch catering

Please give us at least 48-72 hours notice on catering orders

Email to order

Sandwiches & Platters

Baguette Sandwich Serves ~8

Kimchi BLT or CLT (vegan available) - $50

Slab bacon or smoked carrot, kimchi, roasted tomato, greens, gochujang aioli

Turkey and Cheese - $45

Smoked turkey, apple butter, greens, aged cheddar, apple slices

Chicken Salad - $40

Chicken salad with lemon, roasted garlic, dill, celery, peppers, with pickles and greens

Bloody Mary Roast Beef - $60

Gonsoulin Ranch brisket, horseradish aioli, roasted tomato, fermented celery relish, pickled green beans on Bellegarde rye

Mixed Vegetable (v) - $40

Cucumber, greens, basil, fermented carrots, pickled onion, beet hummus

Bagel Platter - $135 (Serves 12)

A dozen bagels with smoked salmon, tomato, cucumber, radish, red onion, capers, charred lemon, everything bagel seasoning and cream cheese (plain and scallion).

Sandwich Platter-$300 (Serves ~25-35)

Comes with sliced baguettes, smoked turkey, shredded brisket, chicken salad, pickled cucumber, pickled peppers, tomato, greens, red onion, house made mayo, dijon mustard, pesto (vegan and nut free) & your choice of gochujang or horseradish aioli.

Salads & Veggies

Serves ~25-35

Caesar Salad - $140

Romaine, croutons, shaved parmesan, house caesar dressing

Arugula - $120

Parmesan, lemon dressing, croutons

Seasonal - $140

Greens, seasonal produce, pickled onion, cheese, lemon dressing (For example in April: Strawberry, cucumber, shaved carrot, radish, & Gruyere)

Fried Tofu - $165 (v)

VEGGI lemongrass-chili tofu, greens, roasted beets, red onion, nutritional yeast dressing

Smashed Cucumbers - $120 (v)

Cucumber, ponzu vinegar, olive oil, pepitas, fried garlic, chili flake

Fried Brussels sprouts - $150 (v)

Your choice of: back vinegar, soy sauce, mirin, chili; lemon vinaigrette; or tahini dressing

Fried Pickled Cauliflower - $150 (v)

with Burnt Onion “Pesto”


Chips (v) - $30

Salt & Vinegar, Nooch, Pepper, Nori

Assorted Pickles - $35

Topo Chico Case of 24 - $40

Coffee Carafe - $32

~120 ounces of Congregation Coffee. Comes with 10oz cups, half and half, almond milk, sweeteners